•   1. "I can't see the board. What should I do?"

    • The school nurse can screen for near and far vision using an eye chart to determine the need for an eye exam from the doctor. Referrals for vision care to an ophthalmologist or an optometrist can be made if necessary upon request. Also, eye care can be accessed through the Caldwell County Health Department Eye Clinic or with a VSP (Vision Service Plan) voucher for those who are financially eligible.

    2. "I have a toothache.  Can you help me?"

    • The school nurse can provide a dental screening to determine the need for dental care. Referrals can be made to area dentist offices or to the Caldwell County Health Department Dental Clinic if there is concern for a possible cavity, poor dental hygiene or overcrowding of teeth.

    3. "I need a physical so I can play sports.  Do you know where I can go to get one?"

    • School nurses help coordinate a yearly sports physical clinic with volunteer doctors in May. Sports physicals can also be arranged for those without a regular doctor at the Caldwell County Health Dept., where fees for service are determined by income eligibility. 

    4.  "I'm going to college and I need a record of my immunizations.  How can I find my shots?" 

    • If the student transcript does not have all the student's immunizations recorded, the School Nurse can access the record through the NC Immunization Registry if the shots were given in NC.  The Nurse also has access to the Caldwell County Health Dept. immunization records, as well as records across NC. 

     5.  "Can the school nurse give me medicine for my headache?" 

    •  The School Nurse does not dispense medication to students.  The Caldwell County School System has an accepted medication procedure for the safe administration of medication in school.  A designated employee in each school has been trained by school nurses to give over-the-counter or prescription medicines ONLY with a written permission form signed by a parent/guardian that has been provided by the school. Prescription medications must be in the original container filled by a pharmacist.  Over-the-counter medicines must be in the original container also.