• 1. WHAT IS A SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER? A School Social Worker is an employee of Caldwell County Schools who acts as the liason between the school, students/families, and the community. Services can be provided to students/families to assist with the success of the student in school.

    2. HOW IS A SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER DIFFERENT THAN A SCHOOL COUNSELOR? While a school social worker and a counselor are similiar, a school social worker is the liason between school and family/community. A school social worker can assist with financial needs, attendance issues, family issues--anything that could cause a student from being successful in the school setting. A social worker can make home visits and attend meetings in the community when a family is concerned.

    3 . WHAT SERVICES CAN BE PROVIDED FOR STUDENTS? A school social worker can link a student/family to services in the community to assist with financial needs. Also, referrals can be made for a student regarding counseling, as well as medical appointments.

    4. ARE THE ISSUES DISCUSSED CONFIDENTIAL? Yes. All issues are confidential with 2 exceptions: 1) the student gives permission to discuss with others and 2) the information is dangerous to the student or others. At that time, it is the obligation of the school social worker to notify parties that may benefit the situation.

    5.IS THE SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER THE SAME AS A TRUANT OFFICER? No. While a School Social Worker focuses attention on attendance, they are not seen as a Truant Officer. A School Social Worker does get involved with families whose students are under 16 years and misses school. If a student obtains 10 or more unexcused absences, then the School Social Worker can file a petition with Juvenile Court and/or the District Attorney's Office. However, interventions are attempted before it reaches the point of court.