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  • The Caldwell County Board of Education recognizes that the proposed calendar start date may overlap with already planned vacations for summer 2023.  Caldwell County Schools will work with students and families whom this affects as we start the 2023-2024 school year.

    The Board of Education chose an earlier start date of August 14 in order to better serve students and families, especially at the high school level.  Starting on August 14 allows high school students to have more balanced semesters.  There are 85 days in the first semester and 89 days in the second semester in the proposed calendar.  This year's calendar saw 20 additional days in the second semester compared to the first semester.  

    The proposed 2023-2024 calendar also aligns with the community college and university calendars. It allows seniors who choose to graduate early to be able to apply and enroll in community colleges or universities in January 2024. 

    By starting earlier, the Board of Education was able to add days for Parent-Teacher Conferences.  These days allow teachers to dedicate time to communicating with families about the progress of students.