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  • Class Syllabus Chapter 1: What is Law? Ethics, Foundations of law, US Constitution, Court System, and Trial Procedures Chapter 2: Criminal Law Classification of crimes, Criminal Justice Chapter 3: Tort Law Definition of a tort, Negligence, and Liability Chapter 4: What is Contract? Introduction to Elements of a Contract, Agreements, How a Contract Begins Chapter 5: Elements of a Contract Capacity, Legality, Consideration, Genuine Agreement Chapter 6: How Contracts Come to an End Transferring and Ending Contracts, Voidable Contracts, and Remedies Chapter 7: Consumer Law and Contracts Sales Contracts, Warranties, Consumer Protection Chapter 8: Personal Property Types of Property, Bailments Chapter 9: Renting or Owning a Home Rental Agreements, Purchasing a Home Chapter 10: Banking and Negotiable Instruments Writing Checks, Use of Debit Cards, Banking Basics Chapters 11-12: Credit and Debt Understanding Credit, Bank Lending, Credit and You, and Credit Reports Chapters 13-14: Agency and Employment Agency Relationships, Employer Responsbilities, and Employee Responsibilities Chapter 15: Employment Law Employment Agreements, Employee Rights, Collective Bargaining, Employment Legislation Chapter 16: Forms of Business Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, Joint Ventures, and Cooperatives Chapters 17-18: Operating a Corporation Managing, Financing, Expanding, and Dissolving a Corporation, Corporate Regulations, and Environmental Laws Chapter 19: Cyberlaw and E-Commerce Cyberlaw, Cybercrime, Internet Transactions, and Identity Theft/Fraud Chapter 20: Marriage and Divorce Laws Marriage as a Contract, Grounds for Divorce, and Annulment Chapter 21: Insurance and Estate Planning Auto, Homeowners, Life, and Property Insurance, Writing a Last Will and Testament