• Congratulations to our Class of 2016 Senior Superlatives:

    Best Looking:  Ally Johnson and Trey Ellis

    Most Likely to Succeed:  Sarah Chase and Dylan Laws

    Friendliest:  Anna Haas and Adam Andrews

    Most Courteous:  Laurie Pennell and Joseph Ward

    Class Flirt:  Taylor White and Brenden Foresman

    Wittiest:  Kyrstee Jackson and Jake Braswell

    Most Intellectual:  Irze Jan and Elijah Wakefield

    Most Dependable:  Mariah Teague and Isaac Tuttle

    Best All Around:  Suzanne Bradshaw and Joseph Reid

    Most Athletic:  Brittany Morton and Bishup Walton

    Best Dressed:  Samantha Barnhardt and Levy Young

    Most Talented:  Kathryn Waters and Tony Soldati

    Best Smile: Erin Greene and Jacob Smith

    Most School Spirit:  Brittany Smith and Shaun Carlton