Autism Coaching Team (ACT)

  • Welcome to the Caldwell County Autism Coaching Team Page! We are committed to support staff in their efforts to provide quality, individualized instruction in a safe, caring environment.

    Here are our goals for the 2020-2021 school year:

    LEA Self Assessment Problem #1: All staff of Caldwell County Schools do not share a common understanding regarding “specialized instruction”, as a concept, during all activities related to education, due to insufficient knowledge, training and coaching.

    LEA Self Assessment Problem #2: The design and delivery of daily instruction, conducted by regular education and special education staff, lacks evidence of progress monitoring and use of progress monitoring data to guide instruction, due to lack of explicit protocol and insufficient knowledge, training and coaching. 

    The purpose of PRC 118 Autism funding at the Team Support level is to:

    1.) support educator access to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) specific professional learning and

    2.) develop an Autism Support Team with the skills needed to provide professional learning and ongoing support within the LEA.

    Please list the professional learning that your LEA is planning to send educators to in order to support services to students with ASD: 

      • Crisis Response Team AU Interventions for Tier 1, 2 3 Workshops (A Systematic Approach to Supporting Emotional and Behavioral Self-Management for Students with Autism in General Education Settings)
      • STAR Curriculum K-5 training - (remotely); pushed out to other districts
      • Lego Therapy
      • Ocaliconline

    *Support Team will explore and review additional opportunities as we are made aware.

    Please list the professional learning that your Autism Support Team is planning to provide in order to support services to students with ASD: 

    • Autism Intervention Support Teams

    • Lego Therapy Book Study

    Please describe your LEA's plan for providing ongoing support in order to increase implementation of professional learning content within the educational setting: 

    • Coaching from Autism Support Team members

    • Observation tool for Administrators

    • CCS AU website

    • Google Drive Autism Tool Kit

    What data sources specific to services for students with ASD did your team use to determine this plan? (i.e., achievement, discipline, teacher attrition/teacher training needs, etc.)

    • Surveys following trainings from previous school year/training needs

    • Attendance for Professional Learning Surveys

    • Discipline, seclusion/restraint documentation and suspension data

    How is your team going to measure the effectiveness of your capacity building? Please provide either:
    a. baseline data information.if you are a new team
    b. progress monitoring data on last year's measures if you are an established team
    (We understand that the 2019-2020 school year had disruptions that may impact data.)

    We were unable to collect complete progress monitoring profile due to COVID-19. However, this is CCS partial data at this time: Based on a district-wide survey of EC Certified staff, the top 5 requested topics to improve outcomes of students with ASD out of 73 total responses were:

    • Social Skills - 37
    • Challenging behaviors: Progress Monitoring - 54
    • Supporting students in the General Education setting - 36
    • Evidenced Based Practices - 29

    Attendance for Professional Learning:

    • Supporting Students with Autism in General Education - 3
    • Gen Ed/EC Teams Foundations of Autism - 2
    • Considering Assistive Technology (AT) to Support Student Success Across All Academic Settings - 4
    • EPBs 4 EC IAs - 8
    • AU Intervention Kits - 40
    • NC ABA - 2
    • Social Thinking Conference - cancelled due to COVID-19 

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