• Week of January 2

    Language Arts

    The weekly story is Pine Park Mystery. The genre is both a play and a mystery. We will focus our questions for the story on retelling, including the beginning, middle and end and also on cause and effect.

  • Science


  • Engineering

    The students have really enjoyed the engineering we have done. In the week before we left for Christmas break, we studied different versions of The Three Little Pigs. After that, the students broke into groups and built houses out of bricks (Legos or blocks), straw (drinking straws or coffee stirers) or sticke (popsicle sticks). We tested them by using a hair dryer to mimic the wind. As expected, the heavier houses made of blocks and Legos withstood the wind better. We were then able to discuss how the Legos were strong because the interlock. Some groups also had a base plate, which helped stabalize the house. We also went outside and looked at the mortor holding the bricks together on our building.

  • Writing


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