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    If you have questions or concerns about your child's lunch account, please email the manager: gharmon@caldwellschools.com


    The Child Nutrition Department is now offering parents an option to get a free weekly email with their child's lunch account balance. In order to sign up for this, you'll need to go to Caldwell County Schools (see link below) and under the parents/students tab, click on lunch balance notification.


    You'll need your child's lunch number, (most students know their number), if not, please feel free to call the cafeteria and ask for this number.

     Thank you,

    Ginger Harmon

    Cafeteria Manager

    Happy Valley Elementary School


    This year CCS must restart the Free/Reduced Lunch Application process.  Please go to the link below and fill out the form to possibly receive free/reduced lunch/breakfast.  If the application isn't completed by 9/29/22 students will be required to pay in full until the application is filled out and approved.  


  • Lunch Room Etiquette

    1. When standing in line, remember to talk quietly. The cashier needs to be able to communicate with each child who comes through the line.

    2. Wait until the cashier says "Thank You" after giving her your lunch number before walking away.

    3. Keep the area around you clean.

    4. Get "Extra" items on your way through the line the first time.

  • If you would like to prepay for lunches, click the link to go to the website!

    Click Here