• Sketchbook Assignments


    As an artist in middle school, you will be required to complete several sketchbook assignments during the nine weeks. The purpose of a sketchbook is to encourage you to look harder at things, use your imagination, and explore ideas and techniques that interest, challenge, and stimulate you. In addition to the required sketchbook assignment, you are encouraged to fill this space with your own work and drawings of your choice (as long as they are appropriate for school). Use your sketchbook as a place to let out your ideas and thoughts through your art as well as serve as an interactive notebook for the class. 



    You will receive 100% for your sketchbook assignment that meets ALL of the following requirements:

    • Drawing must FILL the entire page

    • Drawing must be FULL color or gray scale. You can use the material of your choice, but a line drawing will not be accepted.

    • Drawing must show great attention to detail, this includes the background.

    • Drawings must be neat and display good craftsmanship.

    • Drawings must show maximum EFFORT!

    • Drawings must be chosen off the idea list and have the idea # written on the back of the page.


    Each sketchbook idea can only be used ONCE.

    1. Draw someone you sit beside without them knowing.

    2. Draw a family member with things that are important to them.

    3. Draw yourself making a silly face.

    4. Find a quiet place in a crowd and draw the crowd.

    5. Draw yourself in twenty years.

    6. Draw a masked person that IS NOT a superhero.

    7. Draw the ugliest baby you can imagine.

    8. Draw 2 sports figures, one in motion and one standing still.

    9. Draw someone you love.

    10. Draw someone with CRAZY hair.

    11. Draw an animal hunting another animal.

    12. Draw one of your teachers fighting an animal.

    13. Draw an animal playing a musical instrument.

    14. Draw something from your pet’s point of view.

    15. Combine 3 existing animals to create a completely new animal.

    16. Draw a family portrait of animals or insects.

    17. Draw the most terrifying animal you can imagine.

    18. Draw an animal in human clothes.

    19. Draw a pile of dishes waiting to be washed.

    20. Draw a slice of the best pizza you have ever eaten.

    21. Draw junk food and the wrapper.

    22. Draw your favorite food.

    23. Draw interesting salt and pepper shakers

    24. Draw a group of fruits or vegetables

    25. Draw something fresh from the oven.

    26. Draw the interior of a mechanical object in detail.

    27. Draw five objects with interesting textures.

    28. Draw your favorite toy from when you were little.

    29. Draw something with a mirror image.

    30. Draw a dark object in a light environment.

    31. Draw several studies of eyes, noses, and mouths in different poses.

    32. Draw three eggs in a carton with a strong light source.

    33. Draw an object partially submerged in water and its reflection.

    34. Draw 3 metallic objects that reflect light. Focus on the highlights.

    35. Draw a piece of patterned fabric with folds.

    36. Draw a bridge in full detail.

    37. Draw yourself as on ORIGIONAL superhero.

    38. Make a drawing that looks sticky.

    39. Draw a mysterious doorway or staircase.

    40. Draw a flower, make it dangerous.

    41. Draw an object melting.

    42. Draw an imaginary place, add as much detail as possible.

    43. Draw a gumball machine that dispenses anything but gumballs.

    44. Draw yourself in a dangerous situation.

    45. Draw what’s under you bed, real or imagined.

    46. Make a drawing that is totally truthful.

    47. Make a drawing that lies all over the place.

    48. Make a drawing that is completely and utterly impossible.

    49. Illustrate a story – fix or change a story ending you don’t like.

    50. Let someone else choose an object for you to draw in detail.

    51. Draw your greatest fear.

    52. Use song lyrics, quotes, or poetry to inspire a drawing.

    53. Find the three most useless objects you can and draw them in detail.

    54. Draw an interesting form of transportation, real or imagined.

    55. Draw something that you are thankful for.

    56. Draw something that can’t be turned off.

    57. Draw something soothing.

    58. Draw something you think sounds or smells incredible.

    59. Draw something that needs to be fixed.

    60. Draw something you’ve always wanted.

    61. Draw something out of place.

    62. Draw something you think should have been invented by now.

    63. Draw something you try to avoid.

    64. Create a collage that best describes you. Leave no white on the page.

    65. Change the size relationship of 2 objects (bus some size as an ant).

    66. Draw an object by only using negative space (area around object).

    67. Cut a photo into small pieces and rearrange them. Draw it rearranged.

    68. Draw your favorite shoe in detail.

    69. Redesign the book cover for the book you are currently reading.

    70. Create a new animal by combining 2 existing animals.

    71. Draw what you would see if you looked through a key hole.

    72. Cut a magazine image in half, glue it down. Now draw the other half.

    73. Research a famous artist and recreate one of their masterpieces.

    74. Draw a city on another planet.

    75. Free Draw




    (Due usually Mondays)