• GFMakerS Club will utilize the makerspace concept to offer activities that are planned to be highly engaging and to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, as well as interest in STEM. Following is a short summary of information about the activities we plan to offer in our program.

        Students will learn about programming and coding through Spheros, MaKey MaKeys, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Finch robots, Hummingbird kits, Lego Mindstorms, Vex Robots, and online resources. Circuitry and electronics will be explored through experimentation with Hexbug Nanos, Snap Circuits, littleBits, e-textiles, and soldering activities. Physics and mathematics concepts will be learned while building and testing solar cars and rockets that students will be able to keep.

         In a digital media area, students will explore gaming, movie-making, music-making, photography, graphic design, and web design. Participants will use a 3D printer and 3D Doodlers to create, design, and print. Students will conduct research online and in our library of makerspace resource books to complete self-selected projects and will publish how-to guides for their creations online. Students will document their experiences by recording thoughts, ideas, and questions  in notebooks and creating portfolios of finished projects.