• Each week I will post our weekly newsletter here.  Please read over and let me know if you have any questions.  


    Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. Garnes

    October 14th – 18th


    • Please sign the conduct folder that is going home today and return only the folder. You may keep the papers. 
    • Please don’t remove anything from your child’s Homework Folder. Sometimes we work on an assignment in class over the course of a few days.  If the folder gets too full, we will be glad to sort through those papers with your child.
    • Students NEED to make sure they are reading nightly to meet their AR goal. The last day to meet their AR goal is October 25th.
    • Continue to check powerschool for an updated grade for your child.


    Important Dates: 


    • October 14th – 15th: NC Check Ins in Reading and Math
    • October 16th – Fall Pictures
    • October 22nd – Math Night at Food Lion 5:00 – 7:00
    • October 25th – Early Release, Last day of the 9 weeks, and Last day to meet AR goal.
    • October 28th – 29th: Patterson Science Center here for a  “Noise” lesson
    • Small Halloween party (more will be sent home about this) – no costumes to school.



    Spelling – This week we will be on Unit 3 Flocabulary.  Students will need to know the meaning of their words this week (not the spelling).  Remember you can listen to the raps at home at www.flocabulary.com.  Test will be on Friday.   


    Writing – This week will focus on Nouns and Verbs.  Students will take notes in their reading notebooks and work on sorting examples of each.  Please make sure to also review your child’s daily language that should be in their homework folder.  We will choose exact examples from these pages to be on their quiz on Friday. 


    S.S/Science – Students will continue our animal unit.  We will focus on vertebrates, animals with a backbone.  Students have notes in their science notebooks to help them with this. 


    Math – We will take our NC Check Math test on Tuesday.  This will let us know how students are doing on skills we have studied thus far.  For the rest of the week, students will be multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers (25 x 3)  and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers (245 x 6), It is very important that students are studying their multiplication facts at home nightly.  They should have their own sets of flashcards that we have made at school to study with (We will finish up this week).  Also, please make sure to review your child’s “Math Dailies” that we work on every morning.  Students will be quizzed on similar questions on Friday. 


    Reading – Students will take their NC Check In for Reading on Monday.  We will be working on summarizing for the next 2 weeks.  Students will be practicing writing summaries that include only the main details, no opinions, include the problem and solution, and using their own words (not copying word for word from the text).  We will be looking at lots of examples of what a “good summary” looks like and doesn’t.  Have your child practice giving you a summary of what they read in their library book each night.