• Each week I will post our weekly newsletter here.  Please read over and let me know if you have any questions.  


    Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. Garnes

    February 24th – February 28th

    • Please sign the conduct folder that is going home today and return only the folder.  You may keep the papers. 
    • AR goals have been reset.  Please make sure students are reading each night to help them meet their goal. 
    • Reminder:  5 points off for no names on paper
    • Our Raleigh trip is scheduled for March 19th.  If you plan on being a chaperone, please make sure to fill out the volunteer tracker located on our school website ASAP.  The total is $19.55 per student.  Money is due March 6th.


    Important Dates:

    • 2/25 – 2/26:  Patterson Science Center – “Digging into the past”
    • 3/6:  Raleigh money due
    • 3/11:  Spring Pictures
    • 3/19:  Raleigh field trip
    • 3/20:  Early Release for students
    • 5/1:  4th grade field day / Spring Fling


    Spelling – This week will return back to our spelling unit.  The focus will be on prefixes “pre”, “re”, and “mis”.  Students will have daily activities to work on.  The test will be on Friday. 



    Writing – Students will focus on paragraph writing on what it means to qualities they look for in a good friend.  Students will complete this during morning work and continue to edit throughout the week.  We will also complete Daily Language this week.


    S.S/Science – We will continue our NC Symbols booklet.  We will complete 2 pages a day.  This booklet will count as one grade. Each page that is not completed will be 5 points off.  Students will have a quiz after we finish the booklet.  This will help prepare students for our upcoming Raleigh trip.  Patterson Science Center will also be here on Monday and Tuesday to teach us a lesson on fossils. 


    Math –We will continue learning fractions, one of the most heavily tested subjects on the EOG.  We are working on adding and subtracting like fractions. Students will continue to reduce all answers to simplest form.  We will end out the week with adding and subtracting Mixed numbers and improper fractions.  Students have notes on steps to solve these problems and are encouraged to look back in their notebooks for steps to followIf your child is not bringing home their notebook to help them with homework, please ask them to do so.  Please continue to study your multiplication facts at home nightly.  Multiplication quizzes are Tuesday and Thursday, to help students practice these facts. 


    Reading –Students will start our figurative language unit.  We will learn about similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia, and hyperboles.  They will have examples and notes on each of these in their notebooks.  See if they can tell you the difference of these types of figurative language at home or even find some in their AR books.