Credit by Demonstrated Mastery Process

  • Process:

    Student carrying books

    Students who choose to apply for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery will do the following:

    1. Complete and submit an application by the specified date.  Click here for the current timeline.
    2. Take the Phase 1 assessment (EOC, CTE post-assessment, or locally developed exam).
      • Students must pass Phase 1 assessments before moving on to Phase 2.
      • If a student does not pass Phase 1, the process ends, and the student will enroll in the course.
    3. Complete and submit all Phase 2 requirements. 
    For those students who pass Phase 2, they will earn credit for the course.  the credit will be listed as "pass" on the student's high school transcript.  Credits earned through CDM will not affect a student's grade point average.   
    Students who do not successfully pass Phase 2 may appeal the review panel's decision.  To appeal, students must follow the steps outlined in the Caldwell County Schools CDM Appeals Process document listed below.

Is Credit by Demonstrated Mastery the best choice for me?

  • As students and parents weigh the decision to apply for Credit by Demonstrated Mastery, there are some long-term considerations that should be discussed.  When students apply for CDM, these items will be discussed in detail with students and parents.
    • Advanced Courses through Grade 12 - Credit by Demonstrated Mastery could allow students to accelerate and take more advanced courses such as Advanced Placement and/or college courses.  It will be important to create a long-term plan to ensure students can take advantage of these opportunities.
    • Athletic and Extra-Curricular Activities - Credit by Demonstrated Mastery could affect a student's eligibility for athletics at both the high school and collegiate level.  It will be important to discuss these implications prior to applying for CDM.
    • GPA and Quality Points - Through Credit by Demonstrated Mastery, students earn credit for a course.  This credit will not affect a student's grade point average and there is no weighting of credit awarded through CDM.
    • Diploma Endorsements - The State Board of Education designates specific high school diploma endorsements that can be earned by students.  Endorsement requirements can be found in State Board of Education Policy Manual - GCS-L-007 and GCS-L-003.  Since CDM only awards standard credit, not honors credit, this could affect a student's eligibility to earn these endorsements.
    • Early Graduation - By earning credit for courses required for graduation, Credit by Demonstrated Mastery may enable students to graduate early.  Please discuss this option with your school counselor for more details.