•     Mrs. Berg’s 2nd Grade Class

    Weather Webquest


    Introduction:  Welcome to our weather webquest.  Over the next few days you will be learning about weather.  You will be working in your cooperative groups to complete the tasks below. Your group’s job is to learn what meteorologist know about weather how weather is formed and what to do in case of severe weather. 

    We’ll begin by creating a Weather Webquest folder to keep all your information together.  Be ready to become our classroom experts and share your learning with the class!


    Task #1  Weather Tools


    Meteorologist (scientist who study weather) use many different tools to help predict and measure weather.   Using the links at the bottom, research the names of these tools and record your answers in your Science notebook.

    1.      Anemometer

    2.      Wind vane

    3.      Barometer

    4.      Rain guage

    5.      Snow guage

    6.      thermometer


                                                   Weather Instruments

                                                   Weather Wiz Kids

       Extra Credit- build your own weather instrument at home and bring it to school to share with your class.  Click here for instructions.  Once you have chosen a weather measurement tool, you make print the directions on how to make it at home.

    Task #2 The Water Cycle

    A.    Visit the following web sites to learn more about the water cycle.

    The Water Cycle

    Water Cycle Explorer


    B.       Make a Water Cycle Placemat

    Visit the following web site to print a copy of the Water Cycle Placemat.  Glue your placemat to construction paper.  Keep your placemat in your Science Folder.

    C.    Conduct a water cycle experiment

    Click here for instructions

        Record your observations in your Science notebook.  Be sure to include illustrations of what you see as well as a timeline of how long the experiment takes.


    Task #3  Severe Weather

    Research the severe weather your teacher has assigned to your group.  Take notes using your outline.   You will share your information with your classmates.



    Weather Wiz Kids




    Weather Wiz Kids


    Take the Scholastic Hurricane quiz

    Winter Storms:                                         



    Weather Wiz Kids




    Weather Wiz Kids




    Weather Wiz Kids


    Task#4  Class Presentation

    Choose one of the following ways to present your severe weather facts to your classmates.

    1.      Create a poster with important facts and information about your severe weather.  Be sure to include illustrations.

    2.      Create a severe weather pamphlet with necessary information and illustrations.

    3.      Write a script for our computer movie characters or puppet show.

    4.      Write and perform a song or rap about the severe weather your group researched.


    Task #5   It All Adds Up to Disaster- Crack a Math Code

    Visit FEMA games to play Crack a Math Code.  There are 4 games.  Record the answers to the Math Code on a piece of paper and keep it in your Science notebook. 

     Click here for the game.


    Task #6   Scholastic’s Weather Maker

    Investigate How Weather Is Made:
    Follow these steps to get extra insight into how weather works:

    • Using the Weather Maker, observe the effects of certain changes.
    • Gather data: how much of a change in temperature is needed to make it snow?
    • Start investigating why changing individual conditions cause a specific change in the overall weather. Review our Weather Facts (PDF) to help with your investigation.


    Task #7  Weather Quiz

    Using Enchanted Learning’s Little Explorer’s Dictionary, complete a weather quiz.

    Go to the web site to print the quiz questions.  Using the online dictionary, answers the questions for the quiz.  Put your completed quiz in your Science folder.


    Task #8  Riding the Wind with Kalani- A Weather Adventure

    Visit the web site Riding the Wind with Kalani.  Kalani, the weather balloon, will help us learn more about weather.  After you have visited the site, you need to do the activities listed below.

    1. Play 1 online game

    2. Print 1 printable game.  Be sure to completed the printed game and place it in your Science folder.






      You have learned a lot about weather boys and girls!   You are now 2nd grade weather experts! 

    You have learned

                  *what tools meteorologists use to predict, observe and record weather

                  *about the water cycle and its effect on weather

                  *what severe weather is and how it can affect our daily lives as well as how to      

                   be prepared for severe weather