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    GO HARD or GO HOME!!

  • Class Rules

    1. Be on time.
    2. Bring dress out clothes.
    3. No food, gum, or drinks in class.
  • Weight Room Rules

    1. Know proper spotting techniques.
    2. Always have a spotter.
    3. Use safety collars on the bar.
    4. Always warm up properly.
    5. Replace all equipment after use.
    6. Take care of weightroom and equipment.
    7. No HORSEPLAY, wrestling, ect.
    8. No food, gum, or drinks.
    9. Show respect for other lifters.

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 Clay Lewis



Degrees and Certifications:

Clay Lewis

This is my 28th year teaching. I taught at William Middle my first three years before coming to Hibriten. I am the Head Football Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coordinator.