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    All Caldwell Connect Student Assignments Will Be Assigned on Google Classroom. Access Google Classroom by logging onto student Email and use the correct class code to joina class with the codes listed below.

    Caldwell Connect American History II with Honors  b5bby5c

    Caldwell Connect Civics and Economics with Honors  rzom9eq



  • Class Rules and Expectations

    1. Bring all needed materials to class.
    2. Be in class ready to start when bell rings.
    3. Respect and be polite to all people.
    4. Listen and stay seated when others are speaking.
    5. Respect other people's property.
    6. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    7. No food or drinks in class.
    8. All handbook rules are in effect.
    9. Remain seated until dismissed.Listen to all announcements.
    10. Do not ask to leave class unless it is an emergency .

    11. No cell phone use or texting in class  



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jerry Henthorne

Name:  Jerry Edward Henthorne

Birthplace:  Columbus, Ohio

Years Taught: 27

Schools  York Jr. High - Denver, CO    Hudson Middle School - Hudson. NC     Hibriten High School - Lenoir, NC

Attended: Ohio University Athens, OH