• March 19


    This Thursday, the 7th and 8th grade bands will be traveling to Lenoir-Rhyne University for MPA (Music Performance Adjudication).  The 7th grade will be performing at 10:00am and the 8th grade at 12:05pm- both in PE Monroe Auditorium.  You are more than welcome to attend and admission is free.  We will be leaving immediately after the 8th graders perform to go to the food court at Valley Hills Mall for lunch.  The goal is to be back before 3:05, but there is a slight chance we won’t make it back in time.  If we are going to be late, I will have your child call you and let you know.  If this happens, please make arrangements to have them picked-up by 4:00pm.  Obviously, I will never leave your child unattended and will stay with them as long as needed, but after a long day, everyone would like to go home. 


    Thank you for your understanding and hopefully this won’t be an issue. 


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  • February 25



    The reward trip to Defy is Thursday 2/28. We'll leave after school and be back by 6.  Students need $2 for socks unless they already own "Defy" socks.


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  • February 6


    The reward trip to Defy is Mon 2/18. We'll leave after school and be back by 6.  More info and permission form/wavier to come.


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  • Januray 28


    Reminder for 7th and 8th grade parents - playing test can be retaken for higher grades any day of the week in the morning before school at 7:30, online via Google Classroom, or after school with an appointment. Student must have a 80 or above on all their playing test in order to attend MPA in March. This Thursday is our third playing test. Check PowerSchool to see if you child is on track. 


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  • January 28


    Congratulations to the following students for making All District Band!

    Milan W. - 2nd chair oboe - Concert Band

    Naylen R. - 5th chair trumpet - Symphonic Band

    Jake H. - 4th chair trombone - Concert Band


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  • December 11


    I've been getting a few emails about the concert. As of right now, if we are in school Thursday (even with a delay), the concert will still go forward as planned. If students are not in school Thursday, we are not allowed to have the concert that evening. The make-up date would be this Friday, December 14 at GFMS in the auditorium with the 6th grade beginning at 6:30. Think warm thoughts and hopefully we'll be back Thursday!


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  • December 3


    Band fundraiser items will be delieverd Friday, December 14.  Large orders can be picked up after school.


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  • Wednesday, Nov. 28


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Thursday, December 13th all bands at GFMS will be performing at the Winter Concert.  Sixth Graders need to arrive at the Broyhill Civic Center and be on stage by 7:00. Seventh and Eighth Graders need to be seated in the auditorium by 7:15  The concert will begin at 7:30.  This performance is required of ALL students in Band at GFMS.  Any student missing the concert must have a written excuse and will have to play their music for a grade.   


    Dress for the concert will be a white collared shirt or blouse, and black pants or skirt.  Shirts must be “tucked in.”  A tie for the gentlemen is suggested, but is not required.   Black dresses will also be acceptable for ladies as long as they meet school dress code.  Visit the Band Handbook on my website ( for more details.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 


    The concert will be at the Broyhill Civic Center and admission is $3.


    Please sign below and have your child return the bottom of this sheet to school for a worksheet grade. 


    Thank you,


    Patrick Haymore





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  • Wednesday, Nov. 7


    Winterguard season is here! SCHS will have two middle school groups this year- Competition Cadets (one year experience) and Junior Cadets (no experience needed). A clinic will take place Monday, Nov. 19 and Tuesday, Nov. 20 at Baton Elementary School from 4:30-6:30. Tryouts are Monday, Nov. 26 from 4:30-6:30. Parent/Student Night is Thursday, Nov. 29 from 5:30-6:00 in the SCHS Band Room.


    Winterguard is like the cologuard from marching band, but inside and performed to recordings, not bands. Here is an example of a high school winterguard-


    All middle school students are welcome and you do NOT have to be a band member to tryout! Sign-up are in the GFMS Music Building lobby!


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  • October 30


    Results from last night's All County Band auditions. Congratulations to everyone who made it! I'm also very proud of all the students who auditioned. You can't make it if you don't try!

    5 - Riley B.
    6 - Willow K.
    7 - Chelsea M.
    9 - Kylee S.
    10- Allie H.

    1 - Milan W.

    2 - Lynsie R.
    5 - Catie H.
    7 - Aden W.
    11 - Sarah O.
    13 - Piper P.
    16 - Terin C.
    19 - Zoe A.
    20 - Kaley J.

    Bass Clarinet
    3 - Raegan F.

    Alto Saxophone
    1 - Brooke P.
    2 - Rylee C.
    4 - Victoria V.

    1 - Naylen R.
    4 - RJ T.
    7 - Zeke F.
    8 - Michael D.
    9 - Nik K.
    13- Eric R.

    2 - Gracie F.

    1 - Holden B.
    2 - Jake H.
    4 - Jenna S.

    3 - Zack A.

    1 - Zoe H.
    2 - Tommy S.
    3 - Isaac K.
    4 - Ben W.

    1 - Ava W.

    1 - Aaron H.


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  • October 23


    Who:  7th and 8th grade band students who have registered for auditions

    What: All County Band Auditions

    When:  Monday, October 29 5:00 - 6:30

    Where: Hibriten High School (warm-up in auditorium)


    Next Monday is All County Band auditions at Hibriten High School.  Students need to meet in the auditorium at 5:00.  Students will audition on a “first come”  basis.  Parents are encouraged to wait for their child to audition.  It might take 10 minutes or 60 minutes, it just depends when they show-up.  Students may leave when they are finished auditioning.  Audition results will be posted on the band room bulletin board the next morning.  Students can come to be band room Tuesday morning to get their warm Krispy Kreme doughnut while looking at results :)


    If your child wins a “seat" in the band, the clinic will be Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17.  More information to follow.   


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  • October 9


    Info on Spartan Southern Classic.

    Spartan Classic


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  • October 4


    Next Saturday (Oct. 13) the 8th Grade Band will be performing our National Anthem with Hudson Middle School at the Spartan Southern Classic Marching Band Competition held at South Caldwell High School.  Call time is 10:30.  Performance is at 11:30.  They should be finished by 12:00.  Dress is the new band shirt and dark pants/shorts.  More information to come.


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  • September 20


    All County Band auditions are approching!  Auditions are open to 7th and 8th graders and are at Hibriten HS on Monday, October 29th  from 5:00-6:00.  Students must provide their own transoportation. 


    Registration is $3. Please bring a cash or check (made to GFMS) to Mr. Haymore by October 17th.


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  • September 20


    8th Grade Band Night at SCHS this Friday!  Info attached.

    8th Grade Band Night at SCHS


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  • September 10


    All District Solo recordings!


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  • September 4


    The 6th grade is having field trips Wed. and Thur. They do not need to bring their instrument the day that they are on the trip.  


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  • August 24


    The GFMS Band has a Facebook page!  This is a closed group so you will need to answer a few questions before I can approve your request.


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  • August 23


    Please read the 2018-2019 GFMS Band Handbook and sign the contract that your child will be bringing home on the first day of school.

    2018-2019 GFMS Band Handbook


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  • August 23 


    It's almost time! I hope everyone is excited about the new school year- I know I am! Students WILL NOT need to bring their instruments on Monday. We have paperwork and housekeeping to take care of first. 6th grade parents- your child probably won't need to bring their instruments the first week of school. I'll let them know when to start bringing them.


    Enjoy the weekend and I can't wait to see everyone Monday! 




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