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    Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Girls Soccer Team! Looking forward to a great season!

    Addison Brookshire

    Alyssa Clontz

    Maddie Kirby

    Brenna Lowman

    Lexi Pennell

    Natalie Pina

    Faith Raby

    Addison Whitman

    Lila Acevedo

    Carlee Kirby

    Isabelle Richard

    Bella Smith

    Temperance Trivette

    Addison Worsley

    Mckenna Yount

    Kaylee Teague


     Practice will be held at Sawmills Veteran Park every day, right after school until 4:30. Please pick up at the field.

    Address: Waterworks Rd, Sawmills, NC 28630.



    Girs Soccer Sports Syllabus: