Ms. Kim Hayes

Phone: 828-396-8373


Degrees and Certifications:

Degree: B.S. Social Sciences from ASUCertifications: 6-9 Language Arts and 6-12 Social Studies

Ms. Kim Hayes

Ms. Hayes has been teaching in Caldwell County schools for 24 years. She has taught middle school ELA and SS both at the same time and individually throughout her time in education.  Her original degree is in high school Social Studies, but fell in love with middle school and never left once her teaching career began. After school, Ms. Hayes is also an Academic Coach for the school system helping to serve the homeless shelters in our county. She has one daughter, Kaitlin, who is a graduate of WPCC and currently lives in Asheville. She enjoys reading, time with her family, and traveling as much as possible. Speaking of traveling, she resides in McDowell County and continues to drive to Caldwell County to teach because she believes we have an excellent school system where children are both educated as well as cared for and loved.  Her current duties include teaching ELA at Gateway School.

  • Welcome to Gateway Middle School ELA!  The curriculum guides for each subject and grade level may be found on the district homepage or NCDPI websites. Standards for focus this grading period include analyzing text structure, author's purpose, author's point of view, and comparing/contrasting different forms of text. 




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  • Important Dates:

    January 18, 2019- End of the second grading period

    January 21, MLK Holiday- No School






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  • Middle School Expectations

    •Behave- No Bullying, Fighting, Profanity •Be Safe- Keep your hands to yourself •Be Respectful-No "back talk" or rude attitudes •Be on Task- You are expected to be working on your assignments, doing nothing is not an option here •Be Here- You cannot learn if you are not here, ASK FOR MAKE UP WORK after an absence