Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jeanie Walker

Focus during the first nine weeks:

     * Implement reading rotations and work toward a goal of 20 minutes continuous reading.

     * Reading/Writing: Focus on writing complete sentences and answering who, what, when, where, and why questions.

     * Math: Simple addition facts, base ten modeling, number forms, counting money, understanding time

     * Science: Weather

     * Social Studies: Columbus Day, timelines, communities of the past


Focus for the second nine weeks: 

     * Reading/Writing: Focus on retelling stories, fables, folktales from diverse cultures. Understand central message, lesson, or moral. Compare and contrast two or more version of the same story. Strengthen writing by producing complete sentences and revising and editing.

     * Math: Fluently add and subtract within 100. Solve one and two-step word problems. Measure with rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes. Measure in inches, feet, centimeters, and meters.

     * Science: Sound and vibration

     * Social Studies: Study key historical figures. Interpret maps that contain symbols, legends, and cardinal directions. Understand diverse cultures and how to work with diverse groups.