• This is a message for all students and parents at WLMS.  School attendance is directly related to academic achievement and its importance cannot be overstated.  Beginning this nine weeks, all students with perfect attendance, one tardy or less and one early dismissal or less will be entered into a drawing for a ten dollar gift card from Walmart.  We will draw three names, one from each grade level, at the end of every nine weeks.

    Students and parents are also reminded about our handbook policy on tardies and early dismissals. Three unexcused tardies will result in after school detention.  If students do not report to After School Detention they will serve a day of ISS (In School Suspension). Three unexcused early dismissals also result in a day of After School Detention.  The program for attendance awards, tardies, and early dismissals will begin again at the start of every nine weeks.  Thank you for helping us have great attendance at WLMS!


    Please see the Caldwell County Attendance policy below.  Click the link. 

    Attendance Policy