Original Building

  • In 1901 several community and private schools were combined to for the first public school called Valmead near the site of the present school.  In the beginning, it was a one-teacher school.  Sometime late an additional room was built that accommodated two teachers for four to six months a year.  When the school burned in 1920, students were housed in a store building, a hosiery mill, and a church.  By 1922 a new six-room brick building with an auditorium was completed.  That building housed grades 1-9.  Several renovations followed, and one time, the school became so crowded that students had to be transferred to Happy Valley.

Current Building

  • In 1951, the present main building was opened, and a renovation provided a library that was large enough to accommodate an entire class.  The first lunchroom at the school was completed in 1952.  Classrooms, an all-purpose room, and a larger cafeteria were added in 1958 and 1962.  The 1990's saw big changes - the addition of a workroom and counselor's office in 1990 and a new gymnasium and parking lot in 1991-92.  By the opening of the school in 1993-94, the all-purpose room had been converted into a beautiful new media center and computer lab.  Two new classrooms were completed for the 1998-99 school year.  That renovation also included a brand new "front door" that was easily accessible to the parking area.