• Placement:

    Placement at Horizons Elementary is decided by the county's District Review Team. Also, the decision to transition a student back to their home school is made by the county's District Review Team. The placement of a student at Horizons is intended on being short-term, with the student returning to their home school after showing much improvement in behaviors and/or successfully completing the school-wide behavior plan. The average duration of a student's enrollment in Horizons is one school year.


    Instruction is individualized as much as possible to meet the needs of the student while also addressing the requirements of the Common Core/ Essential Standards for each grade level. Each class has a maximum of ten students. In addition to our two computer labs, each classroom has two computers that have access to Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reader and many other educational software programs. All EC services are provided as required by the IEP.


    A school-wide behavior plan is in place and is based in five rules. It is a system of monitoring, teaching, privileges, interventions, positive and negative consequences, and feedback that is designed to increase student motivation and promote positive behavioral change. The school staff responds to the choices made by students in a consistent and predictable manner, therefore creating an emotionally and physically safe environment. A daily behavior sheet goes home to be reviewed and signed nightly. Six levels (Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green) form the basis of a system of privileges in which students earn increasing responsibility and independence.


    Bus transportation to and/or from Horizons is provided by each student's home school. The bus drivers and bus monitors are required to assist with supervision. Breakfast and lunch are served in a dining room on campus. All food is provided or prepared by Davenport Elementary School.