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    The Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1989 to support high academic achievement and innovation in Caldwell County's public schools. The Foundation promotes cooperation between the schools and the private sector and encourages creativity and excellence in teaching by securing resources to enhance education in a rapidly changing world.


    The Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in Caldwell County which exclusively supports public education. The Caldwell County School Systems consists of 26 schools, approximately 1800 employees and 12,100 students. The county faces many challenges such as maximizing student achievement, providing a healthy and safe environment, and committing to and advancing toward changing technology.


    • Student Activity Financial Assistance Fund-assists students in need with specific curriculum related activities
    • Community Education Grants-for innovation and creative projects that directly impact learning
    • Teachers' Supplemental Fund-provides for special classroom needs.
    • Barbara Deverick Scholarship-professional development for teachers
    • Kenneth A. Roberts-provides funds to enhance a student's vision for the future
    • Ron and Christine Beane Scholarship-provide college tuition for a West Caldwell High School senior
    • Mollie Grace Dalton Scholarship-college scholarships for South Caldwell High School seniors
    • Kaleidoscope-a showcase of Caldwell County student talent
    • Patsy Bost Hollar Memorial Scholarship-college scholarship for Hibriten student interested in majoring in voice
    • Caldwell Little Read-supporting reading in 4 grades
    • Captain James C. Harper Band Scholarship/Hal Marley Scholarship in honor of Captain Harper-for students majoring in instrumental music
    • Jack Robbins College Scholarship-college scholarships to Caldwell County graduates interested in engineering degree
    • Cylinda Hazen Scholarship-promotes outstanding citizenship and volunteerism among students
    • Aspiring Students-supports student needs at Hibriten High School
    • Marvin Courtney Scholarship-college scholarship for students majoring in horticulture/agricultural 
    • William V. and Mary R. Hamby Student Activity Scholarship-assists students in need with curriculum activities 
    • Tom McNeel Teaching Scholarship-established in honor of Dr. McNeel's service to Caldwell County Schools by Blue Ridge Electric Membership Cooperation-scholarship is for staff development
    • Kings Creek Endowment-funds for special projects at Kings Creek School
    • Gary and Phyllis Knight Memorial Scholarship-college scholarship for Hibriten and West Caldwell students majoring in education
    • Dr. Sharon Pennell Memorial Scholarship-college scholarships for teachers working on additional degrees
    • Patricia Triplett Scholars-college scholarships for outstanding student scholars
    • Battle of the Books, Caldwell Little Read, First Robotics
    • Connie Patterson Jenkins Scholarship-college scholarship for a Caldwell County Schools senior
    • Michael Howell Scholarship-college scholarship for McKinney Vento students
    • Tyler Sims Memorial Scholarship-college scholarships for seniors attending Hibriten High School
    • Lib Henderson Memorial Scholarship-college scholarships for students at West Caldwell High School
    • WiFi on buses-Gamewell Middle and William Lenoir Middle
    • The Angel Center-Technology Training Center and Meeting Space
    • The Price Memorial Scholarship-College scholarships for students from the Kings Creek School District
  • Mission Statement

    The Education Foundation Inc. of Caldwell County is a non-profit organization that secures funds, distributes resources, and increases support for the public schools which broaden and strengthen the educational experiences of the students and educators of Caldwell County.


    The organization is supported by contributions from corporations, businesses, foundations, school system employees and community.

  • Executive Board 2019-2020

    • David Eggers, President
    • Pat Irwin, Vice President, Administration
    • Mark Farmer, Vice President, Finance
    • Pat Pritchard, Vice Presidents, Programs
    • Terri Garrou, Vice President, Grants and Scholarships
    • Mark Transor, Past President 
    • Secretary, Ann Smith
  • Board of Directors 2019-2020

    • Linda Cowart
    • Renae Clark, Past President
    • Andy Anderson, Past President
    • Ben Willis, Past President
    • Duane Knight. Past President
    • Jon Blair
    • Will Wakefield
    • Brenda Kincaid
    • Janet Wilson, Past President 
    • Melamie Blair
    • Wonglalee Thomas
    • Ervil Anderson
    • Ann Smith, Past President
    • Carolyn Melton
    • Kenvian Ferguson
    • Pat Irwin
    • Lillie Ruth Melton
    • Tommy Melton
    • Tyler Reese
    • Paul Duncan
    • Jan PRitchard
    • Carol Dula
    • Jorge Gutierrez
    • Jim Engelman
    • Debbie Indicott
    • Judy McGuire
    • Kelly Melton
    • Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson
    • Becky Adderholdt
  • Ex Officios 2019-2020

    • Dr. Don Phipps, Superintendent
    • Libby Brown, Volunteer Services
    • Duane Knight, Past President Ed Foundation, Board of Education
    • Darrell Pennell, Board of Education, Chairman
    • Ann Edwards, Board of Education
    • Dr. Lesa Widener, Caldwell County Schools Administration
    • Jeff Church, Assistant Superintendent representing PTA/PTO
    • Teresa Branch, Board of Education, Director Smart Start