• West Lenoir Elementary School was built during the 1934-35 school year as part of the Public Works Administration Program. When it first opened in September 1935, it had 12 teachers. It also included an office for the principal, a small room for the library and an auditorium that would seat approximately 500. The auditorium had a concrete floor, but the walls and the overhead was not finished (this later became the cafteteria). By 1939, there were 430 students enrolled in grades one through five. In 1951, a four-room addition was constructed (this later became the media center and classrooms). 

    Principals at West Lenoir include: Jacob E. Cobb, Charles H. Abel, L. B. Robinson, Lawton Jackson Blackwell, John Wonsavage, G. N. Kincaid, John Famrer, J. B. Pennell, Lewis Wright, Nancy Dowdy, Donna Kimball, Chris Ackerman, Felicia Simmons, Kristy Hollar, Amy Braswell Lowman, and Travis Gillespie, and Cathy Barlow. 


    West Lenoir Elementary School