• Below is information on the gradual return to Athletics for West Caldwell High School. Please read all information carefully!

    Over the next few days we will begin to give information on the days and times that we will have conditioning workouts. Right now we are in Phase 1 as set by the NCHSAA. During this phase we have strict guidelines. We will phase in sports as the coaches of that sport complete their  plan for this phase. Safety for our coaches and student-athletes are the number one priority right now. 
    During Phase 1, we can only condition and do individual skill work for a maximum of 90 minutes each day. We also have limitations on the number of athletes and coaches that can attend a session.  Please be patient with our coaches as we get individual plans in place for the upcoming weeks. Many school systems across NC are waiting until at least July 6 before considering a restart. 
    Each athlete must complete the attached document (Click on the image or link below) as well as have it signed by a parent before attending a workout. If you are planning on being an athlete in any sport at West Caldwell in the 2020-21 school year, please print this form and complete it with signatures. You may bring the form with you to the first workout for your sport, or scan/copy it and email it to smcmasters@caldwellschools.com. This form must be completed before attending a work out or you will be sent home.
    Each day a student attends a workout they will also be required to complete a Health Screening Questionnaire. They will be provided this daily. This Questionnaire must be completed as well each day in order to participate in the workout for the day.
    After the required paperwork is complete, we will take the temperature of each athlete as they arrive. If they have a temperature over 100.4 F, they will be sent home as mandated by the NCHSAA. 
    Students must bring their own water in a personal bottle and must not share with others. Entrances and exits will be clearly marked. Students are not allowed to use Locker Rooms and will be required to wear the clothes they will work out in to practice each day. Students also will not be allowed to congregate in groups before and after practice.
    Coaches and staff will not be allowed to high five, fist bump, or hug players according to NCHSAA rules during this time. This will be tough for our coaches, but we will need to do all encouragement vocally. 
    We ask all parents to please bring their child on time and arrive on time for pick up for health and safety checks and to keep us from having groups congregating.
    We must adhere to all policies and use all proper safety measures. By doing this, we give ourselves a better opportunity to be able to play sports during the upcoming school year.
    Please understand that all sports will not begin workouts at the same time. As the coaches of each sport implement their specific plan and feel comfortable for the safety of their players, we will begin their workouts. We hope to have most sports working out by July 6th. Until this time we ask for your support and understanding.
    As of today, Men's Soccer will begin workouts on Monday, June 15. They will work out on Mondays, Tuesdays,and Thursdays from 10:00 am -11:30 am. Athletes coming to these workouts should report to the Field house.
    Men's Basketball will begin scheduling individual workouts over the next few weeks. If you are interested in attending a Men's Basketball workout please email Coach Anderson at wanderson@caldwellschools.com. Due to number restrictions, we will schedule workouts and not allow players to "just show up".
    All other sports will be releasing information in the coming days or weeks.
    Please complete the form attached (Click on the image or link below) with signatures and bring on the first workout or email it to smcmasters@caldwellschools.com.
    Again, thanks for your patience as we enter a new phase of the Covid-19 virus. We look forward to seeing our Warrior Athletes once again.
    NCHSAA Initial Screening Questions for Students

    NCHSAA Initial Screening Questions for Students to Participate in Athletic Activity During COVID-19

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