• First of all I want to thank each and every person that came out and gave it their all, on behalf of myseld, Coach Absher, Coach Harris, and Coach Cannon. If your name is not on the list below it was not because of lack of effort. The lis below was thought about long and hard, deliberated back and forth between the four of us and the names below are what we feel will be the toughest team that we can put together.


    I want to say an extra thank you to those of you who have attended workouts each week as well. You have put in more time than any other group around the county by far. 


    If you see your name below you need to see me first thing in the morning to give me some information, please know your shirt and pant size when you come. Also jersey #'s will be given to 8th first choice, 7th second choice, and 6th last. (Have several #'s as options)


    Taylib H, Ben W, Nick T, Jackson H, Joe E, Simon H

    Ethan W, Cam H, Cleveland E, Steele M, Barrett B, Davie S

    Jake A, Connor W, Bryce C, Cody B, Kennedy S