• 2017-2018


    Plan-Do- Check-Act Worksheet



    This worksheet will be used throughout DLP to guide the PDCA process from start to finish.  At the end of the program, you will have an updated worksheet to implement your plan for improving this area of student achievement.  In concert with the PDCA Worksheet Guide, this PDCA Worksheet can be replicated and used by anyone in your school who is utilizing the PDCA Cycle for continuous improvement of any school performance indicator.


    Student Achievement SMART Goal Statement:  


    Continue increasing use of differentiation and engagement strategies in daily lessons by providing staff lead professional development in order to increase math and reading proficiency by 5% for the overall school (3 subgroups total -All, White, Economically Disadvantaged) as measured by End of Grade Performance by June 30, 2018.



    Target Date




    Share successful instructional strategies that increase student engagement and growth.

    June 2018

    Begin September 2017 - allow staff to volunteer which meeting they will share

    Each staff member will share an instructional strategy at faculty meetings/staff development days (1 strategy per staff per year) and the results they have achieved using this strategy.

    All staff will observe 2 staff members and provide non-evaluative feedback using the ELEOT observation tool during the school year.  Staff will specifically be looking for effective teaching strategies to use in their own classrooms.

    Staff will include new strategies in lesson plans submitted weekly and use these strategies to help meet the learning needs of all students.  

    SIT will review NCTWCS and look at section 9 concerning Instructional Practices and Support.  We will review to see if the plan created here matches what the staff still perceives as their greatest need.

    Staff will use ELEOT observations to observe other staff and teaching methods.

    Staff will present 1 instructional method in a faculty meeting/staff development days.

    Staff will embed learned/observed strategies in lesson plans to discuss usefulness in meeting the learning needs of all students.

    When staff share strategies, they will be encouraged to post positive outcomes on our Shout Out Board to one another and celebrate successes.

    Share EOG, EVAAS, STAR and Benchmark Data during PLCs and MTSS (growth/decline) to achieve school wide accountability and focus on individual goals within the team's overall goal - growth for all students.

    June 2018

    Start the school year with the new EOG data on the data wall

    Dottie Hayes

    Jeni McNulty

    Dara Barnes

    Discuss where students were last year in terms of EOG, EVAAS predictions, and STAR goals and compare to where we need students to be by end of year 2018.  

    Place student data and update monthly on the data wall for staff to see continuous improvement/change of all students.

    Discuss changes by updating during PLCs (see the change).  Discuss WHY the changes occurred.  



    Caldwell County Schools and Kings Creek Elementary School are transitioned in (2016-2017) to using the NC Star tool for continuous school improvement. You can access our continuous school improvement plan by using the following login and password information:
    GuestS15762 (username) and GuestS15762 (password) at www.indistar.org
    Or you can review our progress with the following PDF’s:
    These PDF’s are updated at least twice a year and include the school’s self- assessment of identified and required school improvement indicators, and the
    plans with tasks to improve in designated areas.

    2018-2019 School Improvement Team Members

    K-2 Rep, Parent - Rebecca Tester

    3-5 Rep, PTO President - Pam Bass

    6 - 8 Rep - Stacy Oxford

    Elective Rep - Ashley Setzer

    Support Staff, NC Star Process Manager and Parent - Toni Greer

    Instructional Assistant Rep - Robin Pennington


    Meeting Dates

    August 21, 2018

    September 10, 2018

    October 15, 2018

    November 7, 2018

    December 10, 2018 - Rescheduled to December 19th Due to Snow

    January 14, 2019

    February 11, 2019

    March 11, 2019

    April 8, 2019

    May 13, 2019

    June 10, 2019

    Caldwell County Schools

    NC Star – Continuous School Improvement Plan

    School Board Presentation Fall 2018

    Kings Creek Elementary School


    Vision: With the help of parents and community, Kings Creek School will develop lifelong    

                 learners who become healthy, productive citizens in an ever changing world.

    Mission:  To provide meaningful instruction in a secure, supportive environment.

    Core Value Statement: Knowledge, Compassion, Engagement, Support for Viking Success! 




    A4.01 The school implements a tiered instructional system that allows teachers to deliver evidence-based instruction aligned with the individual needs of students across all tiers.(5117)

    Plan Objective




    Once MTSS is fully implemented, the number of students that need intervention will decrease as illustrated by an increase in End of Grade test proficiency and STAR Universal Screening Scores as well as increased growth ratings as indicated by EVAAS. Small groups and individualized learning strategies are a scheduled part of the school culture to bridge instructional gaps. The master schedule reflects time that staff will assist with small groups and differentiation to increase proficiency and growth.  After school enrichment/remediation will also be available for students (provided for all students by staff during after school hours beginning in February)

    The staff will meet in professional learning communities two times a month in which they will have time to collaborate with teachers in adjacent grades to discuss effectiveness of instructional practices, learn research based instructional strategies and review MTSS notes and progress.

    Plan Action(s)

    ·         Complete the MTSS Self-Assessment Monitoring Tool to review our progress towards full implementation

    ·         Complete Beliefs Survey

    ·         Create and maintain data wall to review student growth and progress based on STAR Universal Screening Benchmarks and End of Grade Assessment proficiency and growth

    ·         School master schedule will reflect effective use of staff time to help provide small group instruction

    ·         Staff will follow lead teacher's instructions as described in lesson plans Staff will be prepared to implement changes in small group instruction as deemed necessary by classroom teacher




    A2.04  Instructional Teams will develop standards-aligned units of instruction for each subject and grade level.(5094)

    Plan Objective





    Once fully implemented, Kings Creek will have vertically aligned PLCs that will meet with Instructional Facilitators two times a month to discuss curriculum needs and data to inform changes to enhance core instruction in every classroom. We will meet to promote an academic environment that differentiates learning styles for each student to demonstrate growth as indicated by analysis of data from STAR and district level benchmarks. Staff will learn instructional strategies aligning to curriculum in order to make learning relevant, appropriate, and deeper for students.

    Plan Action(s)


    ·         Submission of Lesson Plans weekly by staff emphasizing differentiation

    ·         Scheduled time for collaboration and reflection across grade levels

    ·         Create and maintain data wall to review student growth and progress based on STAR Universal Screening Benchmarks and End of Grade Assessment proficiency and growth.

    ·         Staff completes informal peer observations for further collaboration and self-reflection to learn and implement new engagement strategies

    ·         Review of curriculum guides in PLCs with new curriculums in Math and English Language Arts.




    E1.06 The school will regularly communicate with parents/ guardians about its expectations of them and the importance of the curriculum of the home (what parents can do at home to support their children's learning). (5182)

    Plan Objective





    Staff are working to regularly communicate with parents.  Staff are learning to useplanbook so that they can update websites and communicate academic expectations to parents weekly.  Staff also use Remind in grades 2 – 8 and ClassDojo in Grades K-1 to send reminders and messages with parents about day to day events and assignments.  This is a great way to open the door for parents to be more informed and feel more comfortable and welcome in the school and classroom.  It is also a great tool to help share the new curriculum expectations in reading and math with parents. 

    Plan Action(s)


    ·         All classroom teachers communicate at least weekly with parents throughRemind and/or ClassDojo.

    ·         Teachers will be updating websites and adding Planbook lessons to communicate academic expectations to parents.

    ·         Teachers will send Newsletters home electronically and by paper (if not connected electronically) to try to reach ALL parents to attend academic and fun events.

    ·         School will continue to send Facebook, Blackboard, Twitter and S’moreNewsletters home to parents as well as updating school website and sign with information.




    B3.03 The principal will monitor curriculum and classroom instruction regularly and provides timely, clear, constructive feedback to teachers. (5149)

    Plan Objective





    Through classroom observations and walk-throughs, the principal provides timely, clear, and constructive feedback to teachers. The principal regularly visits and observes classroom lessons across the curriculum. Feedback is provided in the form of a google doc that is immediately shared with the teacher. She also meets with staff to provide instructional ideas to improve academic growth during vertical PLCs. Staff feel welcome to discuss new ideas and seek advice and guidance from the principal through the open door policy. We will continue current practices and look more for student engagement during classroom walk-throughs. We will also begin providing peer (non-evaluative) feedback for staff through teachers observing other teachers during planning times. This will allow staff to see how other classroom systems work, such as classroom management, technology, center rotations, differentiation strategies, and the "non-observable" day in and day out tasks that each teacher completes.

    Plan Action(s)


    ·         Schedule observations so that they are spread out and time can be spent to share specific technical feedback for instructional improvement.

    ·         Principal will provide google document with notes before leaving the classroom.

    ·         Teachers will receive instructional strategy support through PLCs and observations (non-evaluative) of peers to experience engagement strategies in a familiar setting.

    ·         Enter observations and attach google document notes for teacher reference.  Attach photos of observation as available.


    Additional Notes

    We completed assessment of 2 new indicators. We found that we need to begin creating standards based units of instruction to have the opportunity to review and learn the new Reading and Math standards.  We also have a need to provide further technical feedback from observations to help teachers grow and be further reflective practitioners and use observation feedback to inform lesson planning.  The combination of these standards will hopefully continue challenging both staff and students to grow.  At faculty meetings we are sharing engagement strategies with one another.  Our staff have embraced observing one another to see what strategies other teachers are using to increase engagement and rigor in the classroom and look forward to observing colleagues again this school year. 


    We are providing an enrichment/intervention time for all grade levels in addition to small groups in the classroom.   All intervention times have at least one extra staff member to provide smaller groups and personalized instruction while building positive relationships.  As a Viking Family we have completed a beliefs survey to find our strengths and areas of need surrounding our mindsets.


    We finalized our Core Value Statement with the help of our Student Leadership Teamto make sure we hear the voices of the most important stakeholders, our children.  All students say the statement every morning; it is on our staff shirts; and all students will receive a shirt as a gift from PTO with the statement.  This statement is a reflection of who we are as a school and is meaningful to our students, parents, staff, and community as it was a collaborative effort in design. 


    A Student Support Team meets weekly to identify needs for at risk students and help meet social/emotional and academic needs. 


    Staff who attend conferences present engagement and instructional strategies during PLCs and faculty meetings. 


    Staff maintain and continuously update data notebooks and individual student data sheets.


    We work closely with our PTO to bring the school and community together to work towards common goals to support our students.


    Most importantly, we learned that all students and staff feel that we are a Viking Family.  We provide a safe, welcoming school environment that supports our students and staff to create success for everyone.


    Celebration of maintaining a letter grade of a B and a “Met” growth status!



    Knowledge, Compassion, Engagement, Support

    for Viking Success!