• Homework Gap Survey

    Nationally, seven in 10 teachers assign homework that requires Internet access and digital equipment. But an estimated five million households in the United States with school-age children do not have Internet access at home, and/or other required resources. Students that fall into this “homework gap”—households where Internet access is limited or unavailable—lag behind in education and are less competitive in the workforce.

    The State of North Carolina wants to help ensure no public school student falls into the homework gap. To do so, the state needs to know how widespread the homework gap is and potential challenges students face in accessing digital resources.

    To identify this data, NCDPI Digital Teaching and Learning staff will partner with the Broadband Infrastructure Office and the Friday Institute to conduct a survey of North Carolina households with K-12 students. We encourage you to share this survey with parents and caregivers in your community so policy makers and education stakeholders can design solutions to address this issue.

    The anonymous, short survey is available in English and Spanish (Encuesta de Accesso a Internet K-12 en el Hogar). The survey closes April 30. If you have questions, concerns or feedback, please contact the Broadband Infrastructure Office or 919.754.6695.