Supply List 2019-2020

  • Kindergarten

    o Bookbag that is large enough to carry a library book and folder.
       (No rollers or wheels on the bookbag and no novelty items clipped onto the bookbag)
    o Zipper Pouch to hold Pencils & Crayons (no boxes)
    o Crayola Crayons (8 or 24 count) Please purchase Crayola brand. The color is more consistent.
    o (4) Standard Wood Pencils with Erasers (plain yellow, non-decorated pencils please)
    o (8) Glue Sticks (no glue pens or bottles please)
    o (1) Block Eraser

    1st Grade

    o (1) Pack of Yellow #2 Pencils
    o (1) Pack (4 or more) Pink Block Erasers
    o (2) Boxes of 24-count Crayons
    o (2) Glue Sticks (no liquid glue)
    o (1) Standard Size Pencil Box
    o (1) Pair Round-Tip Scissors (Fiskars brand are best)
    o (1) Primary Handwriting Tablet (to be kept at home for homework)
    o (1) Individual Pair of Ear Buds


    2nd Grade

    o (2) Packs of #2 Wooden Pencils (not covered in plastic)
    o (1) Pack of Eraser Caps
    o (2) Boxes of 24-count Crayons
    o (1) Pencil Pouch
    o (1) Pack Wide-Ruled, Loose Leaf Paper
    o (1) Pair Quality Brand Scissors
    o (1) 2-Pocket Plastic Folder
    o (1) 2-Pocket Folder (Plastic or Regular)
    o (2) Glue Sticks (no liquid glue)
    o Dry Erase Markers (thin tip)
    o (1) Highlighter (pink, blue, or green preferred)
    o (1) 1-Subject Notebook


    3rd Grade

    o #2 Yellow Pencils
    o Pack of Pencil Top Erasers
    o Student Scissors
    o Red Pens
    o (1) 24 Pack of Crayons
    o (2) Packs Wide-Ruled Notebook Paper
    o (1) Pack of 12-count Colored Pencils
    o (10+) Glue Sticks
    o (1) 2-inch Clear View 3-Ring Binder (no trapper keepers please)
    o (3) 1-subject Wide-Ruled Notebooks
    o Bookbag (no rolling bookbags)
    o Pencil Pouch with Zipper (and holes to fit into 3-ring binder)
    o (1) 2-Pocket Folder (without paper holder in the middle, and not vinyl)

    *Please do not unpack materials. Leave everything in the packaging.
    We will unpack and organize the materials on the first day of school. 


    4th Grade

    o Pencil Pouch (no boxes please)
    o (6-8) 1-subject notebooks
    o (4) Packs of #2 Pencils
    o Colored Pencils or Crayons
    o Scissors
    o (2) Packs Wide-Ruled, Loose-Left Paper
    o Erasers
    o (6) Glue Sticks
    o (2) Pack of Dry Erase Markers

    * Please replenish paper, pencils, and erasers mid-year. Thank you!


    5th Grade

    o (1) 2-inch Clear View Binder
    o (1) 1.5-inch Clear View Binder
    o (1) Pack of 20 Sheet Protectors
    o (1) Pocket Folder for Classwork
    o LOTS of Cap Erasers
    o Pencil Pouches/Zippered Bags
    o Wooden #2 Pencils (No Decorative Pencils, YELLOW Pencils Only)
    o Yellow Highlighters
    o Crayons, Self-Sharpening Colored Pencils, or Markers
    o (2) Jumbo Size Glue Sticks
    o Scissors (Fiskars or similar)
    o (2) Packs Wide-Ruled, Loose-Leaf Paper
    o (3) 5-Subject Notebooks (please not black covers)
    o (1) Clipboard
    o (1) Pack of 3x5 Index Cards with Lines
    o (2) Pairs of Ear Buds (Dollar Tree brand is fine)