• PE Clubs

    Mornings (7:30 - 7:50)

    Monday (Grades 3-5) Walk/Run Club

    Tuesday (Grades K-2) Walk/Run Club

    Wednesday (Grades 3-5) Jump rope

    Thursday (Grades K-2) Jump rope

    Friday (Grades 4 & 5) Rollerblade

    Afternoons (bell until 3:00)

    Tuesday (Grades 3-5) Running Club

    Thursday (Grades K-5) Race Team 

    Race team members must run 2 races during the school year 
    to attend race team party at the end of the year.



    STEM Club

    Students will be engaged in math and science activities, that utilize learned concepts to solve engineering challenges. They will be working in cooperative teams to plan, create, test, and improve their solutions.


    CS First

    Our coding club started in 2015, serving 4th and 5th graders. Students work to create different computer-based projects.  They learn the basics of computer coding, as well as computer science. They have the opportunity to create interactive stories, music videos, and games. Students will learn these skills through videos and the help of their fellow club members. Through this program, students learn the importance of problem solving and hard work.