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Ms. Kristi H. Triplett

Phone: 828-728-4281


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Ms. Kristi H. Triplett

     I attended Baton Elementary as a child.  Then I came to Hudson Middle.  I graduated from South Caldwell High School and went to Appalachian State University.  After graduating from ASU, I began teaching in Kings Mountain District Schools.  After six years there, I was able to come home to Caldwell County and Hudson Middle School.  I have been at HMS ever since (now my 19th year).

     There are four cats who think they own me, and they are likely correct.  Abby was my oldest, at about fifteen.  Unfortunately, she died on November 2nd of this school year due to old age.  Sophie is next; she is about twelve.  Jack is about seven, and Merry Christmas was about three.  Unfortunately, she died on October 21st of this school year due to feline leukemia.  Sophie and Jack are completely spoiled rotten!  I miss my girls Abby and Merry, though!  Many people have asked if I want a new cat, and at this time, I don't.  Animals grieve the loss of others like people do.  Sophie and Jack are adjusting to life without their sisters, and they need time to grieve, just like I do.  Thanks for offering a new kitty, though.

A lot of people think that because I have cats, I don't like dogs.  That isn't true.  I love dogs, but I work long hours and wouldn't be able to devote a lot of time to a dog.  Cats are more independent and don't mind so much if I'm working late at school.

     I am very busy this year.  I teach English Language Arts with Mr. Wilcox and Mrs. Bolick.  I also teach Math with Miss Parham and Mrs. Holman.  You're likely to see me all over the 8th grade hall as I bustle to and fro meeting with all my classes!