Ms. Angie Rich

Phone: 828-572-3082


Degrees and Certifications:

Associate of the Arts-Caldwell Community College Bachelor of Science with an Academic Focus in Social Studies-Appalachian State University

Ms. Angie Rich

I have a long history with Valmead Elementary School. Generations of my family have walked the halls of this amazing educational institution. My grandfather attended Valmead in the 1920's and is pictured on a plaque just outside the office door. That discovery was a joyful glimpse into my own formative education throughout the years. I learned many life lessons from the wisdom of that man. Valmead is also my alma mater. I began my formal education at this school in 1975. (Yes, I am THAT old!) My son also attended Valmead begining in 1995. So, I must have a love for this fantastic little school. I feel like Valmead is more than just a school. It is a family where parents, teachers, staff, and members of the community come together to help create the best learning environment possible for the children that we are intrusted to educate each and every day. 

I don't just view these children as my students, but rather I take all of my students into my heart. They truly become MY kids too. I expect great things from every child that enters my classroom. My hope is that I will be able to spark a love for learning in some small way to each child that I encounter. I appreciate the job that each adult responsible for the students that I encounter does each and every day. Educating children is a partnership, and I am encouraged by the support that our Valmead students receive outside of the school building. We are working together to build all of our futures.