•  Suggested Schedule

  • Grading Policy

    Caldwell County Schools grade on a 10 point scale as follows:

    90-100   A
    80-89     B
    70-79     C
    60-69     D


    Classroom Discipline Policy

    West Lenoir Elementary has schoolwide behavior expectations in all areas of the school. We want our students to be great examples of:





    When a student fails to meet these expectations, I use redirection, reteaching, and role-playing to encourage the correct behavior. Students who show these characteristics will receive Eagle Cash! When a student earns the required amount of Eagle Cash per week, he or she gets to attend our grade level weekly reward time with the possibility of attending our schoolwide end of grading period reward. If a student is off task, distracted, or disruptive, the student will not receive Eagle Cash and might miss out on the fun!