Parental and Student Compact



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Parental and Student Compact



Opportunity for Revision presented on May 15, 2018


The Caldwell County Board of Education, in conjunction with Kings Creek School faculty and staff strongly believes that learning takes place when there is shared effort, interest, and motivation by students, parents, and staff.  Parents and families play a vital role in their children’s success at school, and it is critical that parents work with teachers to ensure that children meet higher academic standards in order to be lifelong learners. We encourage all students, parents, teachers, and principals to sign this Shared Accountability Policy.


As a student at Kings Creek School, I pledge to…

o    Provide my best effort every day in all activities to enhance learning

o    Attend school regularly and arrive on time

o    Follow classroom and school rules

o    Respect myself, others, school property, and materials

o    Come to school ready to learn, dressed appropriately and with necessary materials

o    Take responsibility for my own actions and behaviors

o    Complete and return all homework, forms, assignments, and incomplete classwork on time


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As a parent/guardian of _____________________________, I pledge to …

o    Provide ample, quiet study time at home and encourage good study habits

o    Make sure my student is well-rested and at school on time

o    Encourage my child to read, complete homework and incomplete classwork in a timely manner

o    Support the school staff in their efforts to promote appropriate behavior and reinforce school expectations

o    Monitor my child’s progress online by utilizing PowerSchool Parent Access

o    Show interest in and be aware of what my child is learning

o    Resolve concerns and ask questions to appropriate school personnel 

o    Attend at least one Parent Night

o    Send a written excuse to teacher on following day of any absence(s)

o    Communicate regularly with my child’s teacher regarding general and academic information


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As a classroom teacher in the Caldwell County Schools, I believe every child can learn and I pledge to…

o    Explain my expectations, instructional goals, and grading system to the student and parent

o    Teach the North Carolina Standard Course of Study through rigorous and differentiated methods in order to reach the learning needs of each child

o    Provide a classroom climate that is safe, secure, supportive, and conducive to learning while respecting cultural differences of students

o    Communicate with parents through various methods (conferences, phone calls, emails, planners, progress reports, ClassDojo, Remind etc.)

o    Utilize a variety of teaching methods which work best for students and individualizes instruction

o    Provide enrichment and remediation opportunities for students as deemed appropriate

o    Explain, promote, model, and enforce school/classroom rules and expectations

o    Be on time and prepared to teach to the best of my ability

o    Assign appropriate homework and classwork with clear instructions


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As the principal of Kings Creek School, I am committed to providing a safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning. I will support the teachers in their efforts to teach all students. I am committed to each child’s success in school and promise to work together to promote his or her achievement.


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