• Welcome to the Student Ambassador's Website!


    Club Sponsors: Erica Hawes & Lauren Robertson 

    Mission: To create a positive and welcoming environment at SCHS for all students who enroll.


    • Provide informational tours to new students who enroll in SCHS
    • Assist new students in navigating SMART Lunch
    • Plan new student orientation for new students enrolling in the summer.
    • Participate in summer Rising Ninth & New Student Orientations 
    • Facilitate a school wide Kindness Week
    • Create activities throughout the school year to create a positive environment at SCHS

    Member Requirements:

    • 1 Teacher Recommendation
    • Completed Student Application
    • Attend bi monthly club meetings (Must attend 60% of club meetings throughout the school year.)
    • Volunteer in at least 3 Student Ambassador events or tours a year 
    • Minimum Unweighted GPA 2.75 (You might occasionally miss classroom time to give a tour, so we need you to be able to keep up with your work.)