• 6th grade math:  Integers, comparing numbers, graphing on a number line/graphing on the coordinate plane with ordered paris, finding perimeter and area/inequalities and graphing them


    8th grade ELA:  Short stories "The Necklace" and "The Most Dangerous Game"

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Ms. Kristi Triplett



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Ms. Kristi Triplett

     My background is Caldwell County.  I attended Baton Elementary, Hudson Middle, and South Caldwell High School.  After graduation, I attended Appalachian State University and earned a Bachelor's Degree.  My first teaching job was in Kings Mountain District Schools, where I stayed for six years.  Then I got the opportunity to come home, and I've been here since then.  This is my 26th year teaching.

     Home includes two cats who think they own me, and they're basically right.  Sophie is my oldest, and she's about fourteen years old.  Jack is the baby at about ten.  Currently, I am fostering two cats for a friend who cannot keep them with her right now.  Their names are Kohana and Zelda.  Kohana is gradually warming up to me, but Zelda seems mad at the world.  She'll probably start to like me right before she leaves me with her true mommy.  I thank you for thinking of me if you want to offer me another kitty, but I cannot take any more at this time.  Three is my personal limit, and I'm already over that with my fosters.

     I have many physical issues.  Diabetes has been my companion for thirty years.  That's led to some foot issues, and I've had two surgeries since Christmas this school year.  I also have some other things going on, but I won't go into detail here.