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    Virtual Learning Transition Plan:  Caldwell Online 2021

    In January 2020, the Caldwell Innovative Virtual Academy (CIVA) began piloting two online education courses for public and non-public students.  Additional CIVA courses were in development when the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted business as usual.  To ensure that our community had safe options for learning, the focus for virtual learning in Caldwell County Schools shifted to the design of a “remote learning” plan for Fall 2020.  Caldwell Connect was created to meet this emergency need.


    Currently, Caldwell Connect enrolls students whose families feel that returning to school in person is an unsafe option.  Simultaneously, the Caldwell Innovative Virtual Academy offers electives to middle and high school students as supplements to their primary coursework.  Caldwell Connect and CIVA address two unique purposes, although many similarities exist between the two virtual learning options. 


    As CCS plans for 2021-2022, we recognize that numerous public and non-public students have benefited from online education.  Moving forward, our goal is to offer a comprehensive online education option to our families built on the strengths and lessons learned from CIVA and Caldwell Connect. This expanded option will facilitate individualized learning paths and flexible learning environments that enhance personalized learning opportunities for our students.  This comprehensive online education option will be referred to as Caldwell Online 2021.


    As we transition to Caldwell Online 2021, public and non-public school students may continue to enroll in CCS courses per Board Policy 3103:  Dual Enrollment of Home and Private School Students.  Home and private school students have received an interest survey that will be used to determine how to best structure Caldwell Online 2021 to meet both public and non-public school students’ needs. 


    Non-public school families who have enrollment questions should be directed to Kim Case at kcase@caldwellschools.com or 828-728-8407 Ext. 140137.    

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