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  • CIVA Classes for Fall 2020

    The Caldwell Innovative Virtual Academy (CIVA) plans to add the following courses* to Fall 2020 offerings:      

    Career Management (CC452X0) - HS only

    Exploring Career Decisions - MS

    Math I (21092X0) - MS & HS

    German I (11612X0) - MS & HS

    English IV (10242X0) - HS only 

    Asian Studies (Honors - 48005X0) - HS only

    Creative Writing for Grades 6 - 12 (10252X0) - MS & HS

    Spanish I (11412X0) - MS & HS 

    ACT/SAT Prep (Vocabulary & Logic Focus) -Course will pair with Math Applications - MS & HS

    AP Biology (3A007X0) - HS only


    For Fall 2020, course developers are asked to also serve as the course instructors. If you are interested in developing and teaching any of these courses, please complete the Google form at this link, CIVA Course Developer/Instructor Applicant link, no later than Tuesday, March 24, 2020.  Positions will not be posted on TeacherMatch.  


    All positions will be filled by internal candidates.  Course developers and teachers will be selected by a district team, in consultation with building level administrators.  Job descriptions for the CIVA Course Developer and Instructor are listed below.   


    *Additional courses for 2020-21 may be added at a later date.  Feel free to email Kim Case, Coordinator of Innovation and Online Education, with course suggestions.  

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