• In first grade, we will learn about many things!  We’ll also continue to build on reading, writing, and math.

    Letterland: A multi-sensory learning experience!  Letterland is a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds.  Its information-rich Letterland characters transform plain black letter shapes into child-friendly pictogram characters, who all live in an imaginary place called Letterland.


    Reading: Your first grader will be using a variety of reading materials provided at school.  Shared reading, individual and small group reading, tracking words and word sort activities will be emphasized throughout the whole year.  We will cover 280 words on our word wall throughout the school year.  Your child will also participate in whole group lessons using books that are on their instructional level.

    Math: We will be completing calendar activities daily.  In this time alone, we will cover number sense, patterning, counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, place value, graphing, and sense of the calendar (days of the week, months, seasons).  Throughout the school year, your child will also represent and solve problems using addition and subtraction within 20, measure lengths and attributes by comparing two objects, collect and organize data, tell and write time in hours and half-hours, and reason with geometric shapes and their attributes.

    Social studies: The main theme that is taught in first grade social studies is neighborhoods and communities around the world.  This will be incorporated into our reading materials and story time.


    Science: We will be conducting investigations and making observations to build a better understanding of plant and animal needs, similarities and differences.  Your child will also discover the properties and classifications of solid and liquid matter and begin to build an understanding of balance motion and weighing of objects through whole group activities and experiments as time allows.