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Attention 8th Grade Students and Parents

This is a very exciting time to be an 8th grader and an 8th grade parent.  As part of the 8th grade transition program, all students will register for their home district high school the last two weeks of February.  The first step will be a pre-registration class with Mrs. Swanson.  This will be an information sessions with registration booklets.  Please look for a pink booklet to be sent home with all 8th grade students the week of February 15th.  Registration will be occur the last week of February with the help of Dona Rudisill, HIbriten Counselor.   This will be followed by a session about Careers and CTE information taught by Laura Parnell, Middle School CTE Coordinator and Skip Downs with College Foundation of North Carolina and Courtney Swanson, School Counselor.

Parent Night and Final Registration will be held at Hibriten High School on March 11th at 5:30pm in the Hibriten theater.

If students have applied to early or middle college, they must still be registered at their home high school. 

Please contact Courtney Swanson at 726-3910 for questions or for more information.