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Congratulations to our Million Words Readers!

William Lenoir students have still been working hard and reading.  We have 78 students who achieved their million words or more goal by April 30th (the county cut off date).  Congratulations and great job to all of these wonderful students!

Our top three students were Noah L. with over 4 million words, Layla I. with over 5 million words and Addison G. with 5,188,990 words! 

Over 3 million: Cole B.

Over 2 million: 

Darby K.
Alyssa M.
Delmi H.
Eric F.
Hannah R.
Connor M.
Josephine C.
Kaleb J.
Ester P.
Emilee J.
Lily M.

Over 1 million words: 

Micah D.
Jayden R.
Elijah P.
Weston W.
Nolan W.
Lily W.
Sterling A.
Kayleigh G.
Isaiah C.
Gracy N.
Halle A.
Madelyn R.
Nehemias M.
Lukas S.
Anthony H.
James L.
Aolani L.
Dalton H.
Drake U.
Lauren B.
Lana M.
Elizabeth M.
Jordis C.
Cyrus M.
Amelia C.
Skyla C.
Wiley G.
Terry C.
Dylan G.
Brandon G.
Gary Z.
Kyleigh N.
Brayden K.
Brett D.
Avery H.
Ivis P.
Auguste T.
Korbin R.
Kyle H.
Aiden N.
Samantha N.
Kevin L.
Donald A.
Cameron H.
Kemberly S.
Sullivan H.
Jacey S.
Noe H.
Garrett G.
Lilly J.
Brianna W.
Isaiah G.
Catherine S.
Marie-Claire W.
Jackson D.
Wade V.
Garrison L.
Kasen T.
Kaleb K.
Lia W.
Aiden J.
Cole M.
Aaron H.
Eduardo G.