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Message from Mrs. Riddle

Gracias y Adiós

Dear WLMS family - current and past students, parents, grandparents and friends;

I had expected to be at school to make this announcement, but like so many other things, Covid 19 changed my plans. I will be retiring at the end of this year.
I spent 8 years in elementary school and some time in high school, and even taught or coached some of you at West Lenoir, Lower Creek, Valmead, West Caldwell and Hibriten.
I have been at WLMS since 2000.  During that time I have loved teaching Spanish, coaching soccer (and some track and basketball) and working with Beta Club. It has been an amazing 20 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  You have truly been a family to me, and I thank you all.
To the class of 2024:  I wish we had been together for the end of your middle school career.  I have loved working with you and you know I think you are one of the best classes I have ever seen.  I wish each of you future success in high school and in life.  You are awesome as a class and as individuals, it's been a pleasure, and I miss you.
To the current 6 and 7th graders: I am glad that I got to know so many of you but sad that I won't get to teach you again or meet more of you.  You are amazing!  Keep up the good work.
To our parents and extended family, and especially to our PTA and other school volunteers, you have been great and it's been wonderful to have your support.
I expect I will see some of you next year as I hope to continue with soccer and Beta and I plan to attend games, concerts and other fun activities.
But for now, ¡muchas gracias y hasta la vista!
Cam Riddle