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WLMS Information for 2020

WLMS Important Information 2020

  • It is important that students check their school email daily!! In order to access school email, go to the WLMS homepage, click on “Students”, and click on “Student Email”. The user name is the student’s first name, first initial of their last name and last 3 numbers from their lunch number. (For example, JosephJ111.)  Sixth grade students passwords are their 8 digit birthday (ex. 04052009).  Seventh and eighth grade students have set their own password. If students need their email password reset you may call the tech support line at (828)728-8407 ext. 14122.  
  • There are NO microwaves available for students to use for lunchtime.


  • Students will be eating lunch in the classrooms. Visitors will not be allowed at this time. Due to current conditions, students can not bring in food items to share with classmates.


  • Lockers will NOT be used in any grade level at this time. Students will keep supplies in their desks and will bring backpacks into the classroom.


  • Students will only be moving classes when they go to their Exploratory classes (Chorus, Band, PE, etc.)


  • Masks MUST be worn at all times inside the building other than when students are eating lunch. If students choose to wear a face shield, they must still wear a mask under the shield. While students must wear masks on the first day of school, four additional masks will be provided to each student in case they need replacements throughout the year.


  • Students will not be able to borrow items from teachers - for example they can not borrow pencils, glue sticks, etc. Students will also not be allowed to borrow from or share items with other students. Each student will be provided with a personalized pencil pouch containing 2 pencils, a pencil sharpener, colored pencils and a glue stick.


  • If students bring cell phones or other technology to school, they must remain in the backpack at all times, unless told differently by the teacher, and volume must be turned off.


  • For car riders:
    • Students will not be allowed to enter the school until 7:20am. Temperatures will be taken beginning at 7:20am. Students can NOT be dropped off prior to having their temperature taken and must be wearing their mask before the temperature is taken.
    • Each student will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Students will not exit their vehicle until their temperature has been taken. Any student found to have a fever will not be allowed into the school. 
    • Dismissal is at 3:05pm. Students are picked up in front of the school. Students may not walk off campus to meet their ride. Car riders will wait in their grade-level hallway until their name is called.


  • For bus riders
    • All students must be wearing a mask prior to getting on the bus and must keep the mask on the entire time they are on the bus.
    • Students will have their temperatures taken as they exit the bus. Any student found to have a fever will be taken to the office and parents will be contacted to pick the student up.
    • First-load bus riders leave at 3:05pm.
    • Bus riders will be escorted to and from the bus to ensure they maintain proper social distancing.


  • The NCHSAA has said that due to Governor Cooper extending Phase 2 until at least September 11th, sports for the 2020-2021 school year will be delayed. Any announcements about sports will be posted on the school website and the William Lenoir Middle School Athletics Facebook page.


  • All water fountains have been shut off in the school. We are supposed to be getting water bottle filling stations for people to use.


  • Supply lists can be found on the school website. However, you may find it beneficial to wait until after the first day for your student to hear exactly what their teachers require.


  • On days that students are not in the classroom, they will have online assignments they are required to complete and attendance will be taken.


  • Please contact the William Lenoir office if you have any questions at (828) 726-3910.