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Appalachian Ski Mountain Trip



                                                 GRADES 6-8



DATES: Monday, February 6 (6th grade), Tuesday, February 7 (7th grade), Wednesday, February 8 (8th grade)

DEPARTURE FROM William Lenoir – 8:00 AM

RETURN TO William Lenoir – 5:30 PM

This trip is open to all students in grades 6 - 8.  Students MUST be in good academic standing and exhibit exemplary behavior.  Parents may go on this trip and can pay for their ticket through the school to get the discounted rate.  Parents who are going must provide their own transportation.  Students are REQUIRED to ride the bus to Appalachian Ski Mountain, but may ride home with a parent or guardian.

 Pricing and schedule are as follows:

Full Package Ski (lesson/RFID card included).   $29

Full Package Snowboard (lesson & card incl)    $34

Ticket & Lesson.                                                     $22

Rental & Lesson.                                                    $22

Lesson Only (bringing your own equipment).     $14

RFID Card (required).                                        $2

*Rates are the same for adult Family members

*Individuals with ski passes and/or their own equipment would not pay rental fees; however, a lesson is required.


Activities for the Day:


9:00 AM ……………………Arrive at Appalachian Ski Mtn.

9:00 – 10:00 AM …….……..Orientation, Check Out Equipment, Grouping of Classes

10:45 – 11:45 AM ………….One hour lesson, all levels

11:45 AM – 4:00 PM ………Lunch and Free Ski time

4:00 …………………………Departure (Parents/Guardians MUST sign their child out before leaving the lodge).

5:30…..approximate arrival to William Lenoir

The cafeteria will provide packed lunches for students who do not wish to purchase lunch at the Ski Lodge.  If you would like for your child to take a packed lunch please indicate your wishes on the permission form. 

 Appropriate Dress for Skiing:

Hat that will cover head and ears, tight fitting vest or sweater to keep body heat in, waterproof jacket, gloves or mittens that are specifically designed for skiing with reinforced palms and plenty of room for your fingers to move.  Roomy, high-waisted ski bibs are preferable as outerwear as they are the best way to keep legs warm and especially good for beginners who will be in the snow a lot.  One pair of socks (medium weight, preferably the non-ribbed type) are adequate for modern ski boots.

Items you might have in your closet that will work: turtleneck shirt with tight neck and sleeves, tight-knit sweaters and/or flannel shirt, flannel pajamas, nylon wind jacket or wind suit, gloves with waterproofing applied.

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