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Welcome Mr. Ostwalt

This year Caldwell Career Center Middle College has a new Math 1 and Math 2 teacher. Mr. Ethan Ostwalt is an Appalachian State University graduate. Having previously taught at Challenger Early College High School, Mr. Ostwalt is familiar with our middle college environment and schedule.

What Mr. Ostwalt enjoys most about the Career Center Middle College, are the students. He says, “...they are truly a great bunch and are an absolute pleasure to teach.” Mr. Ostwalt is enjoying teaching and supports the accelerated schedule with college class exposure. He is excited to join a group of teachers and staff who care about the students, both academically and growing into young adults, as much as he does. “The students are wonderful, both in the personalities they bring into classroom everyday and in how they work together to overcome obstacles that they encounter throughout their semesters together.” Mr. Ostwalt’s goal is to instill a sense of joy in his students when they begin improving at something. He wants his students to enjoy the act of improving their skills, especially in areas that they have viewed as a weaknesses.

When asked what he would do if he won the lottery, he said, “I would tithe 10%, pay off all my debt, buy a reliable car or truck, bank enough for retirement and children's college fund, and then work to either create or fund current programs to aid aging individuals with healthcare and to aid youth who don't have a place to call home.”

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