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Welcome Mr. Madison

Mr. Richard Madison is one of the new members of the CCCMC family this year. He teaches Math 3 to all the sophomores this semester. He makes his class interesting and fun with activities and implementing different ways to learn math everyday. Mr. Madison likes music as well as podcast, whenever he is not teaching he will always have one of those playing in his room. He believes what makes a good day at school is, “Everyone including teachers saying when they leave that they learned something. IT does not have to be content related either, just as long as everyone learned at least one thing”. Mr Madison cares about his students and wants to build a close relationship with all of them. On Fridays, all of his students have to write “ A Letter To Myself”. This is when students write how their week went, if their week was either stressful or completely awesome.

What inspires Mr. Madison to teach is the fact he gets to see his students grow not only as students but as young men and women. Mr. Madison wants all his students to know that “If you say everyday is a great day, then everyday is a great day”. He wants his students to have a positive attitude towards his class as well as life in general since this would help them throughout life. According to Mr. Madison the best thing about teaching is interacting with his students. He is always trying to make his class a friendly environment and uses different teaching methods to ensure that all of his students are able to learn the material that is in the curriculum. Mr. Madison shows his school spirit “By being an advocate for our students in the community.” And this year he is proud to be part of our community and teach at CCCMC.

One thing that may surprise some is the fact that Mr. Madison used to race Go Karts when he was younger. He won multiple competitions at local race tracks. When asked what he would do if he won the lotery he responded that he would not give up teaching. However, everyone would stop and look at his Lambo whenever he drove into the school parking lot.

Daniela Pardo