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Collecting Weather Data

Weather Data

In October 2017, Mr. Pitts was awarded a grant of $1,300 to buy a weather station for our school. In November, the CCC&TI maintenance staff attached the station to its current location on the roof of J building. It has been collecting data for over two months at the writing of this article.

The weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro 2. It has many sensors that make recordings of: temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed & direction, rain rate, humidity, and more. The weather station will also keep track of previous weather highs and lows. The data is wirelessly transmitted to a Linux server in Mr. Pitts’ classroom.

Currently, a custom website is being created in the Programming Club led by Mr. Pitts. This will be a convenient place to gather weather information for the area. The website is hosted on an extra computer in Mr. Pitts’ classroom, which means that the Programming Club has complete control over how the website is hosted. The members of the Programming Club have much in store for the new CCCMC Weather Station.

Cade Kelly