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Meet The Orientation Leaders

At the Caldwell Career Center Middle College, we have a group of students who assist the upcoming freshmen. These students are called Orientation Leaders. They volunteer during the freshmen orientation that takes place two weeks before school starts in August. The Orientation Leaders’ duties begin in January in order to prepare for the event. These students are considered the “first face of the Middle College” as freshmen learn about their new school. A good impression is always needed as we want the upcoming students to feel at home at the Middle College. The leaders often try to relate to the students to increase their confidence and comfort with a new environment and with new people.

The duty of an Orientation leader is to show the students the campus, answer questions, and to be a familiar face for the students on the first day of school. Being a familiar face can be beneficial for freshmen on the first day because they might need help finding their classes. The Orientation Leaders also attend Parent Night, which is an event for the parents of upcoming students. Being a leader is a huge responsibility as they are setting a first impression. Orientation Leaders for this year are: Cassie Roberts, Cassidy Gray, Grainger Beal, Sage Shiflett, Allen Clark, and Amber Atkins.

The most important thing of being a leader is to be there for the freshman in July during orientation and throughout the fall semester. They also need to be full of energy and have the capability to work well with people. Becoming an Orientation Leader is simple and it all starts by completing an application from Mrs. Robinson at the beginning of the school year. Students find it rewarding to be one of the first people new students meet and helping new students feel at home even before the school starts.

Dalton Hoyle