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Keeping Your School Year Stress-Free

While the phrase “stress-free school” may be something of an oxymoron, stress is not a requirement for students. There are some helpful steps students could take to keep stress from interfering with school work. 

First, purchase a planner. A planner will help students remember and keep track of all the assignments due. One of the worst feelings a student can have is arriving to class and realising they have not completed their homework simply because they forgot. In this digital age, websites such as Canvas or PowerSchool make it easy to keep up with teachers’ assignments. Still, remembering the age-old anecdote, ‘Old is gold’, it never hurts to have a ‘hard copy’ for simplicity and backup.

Second, students should create a planned time for homework and make it a routine. Also, students should create some time to chill and not focus on school. If students focus on school for a long period of time they could become over stressed.

School was not created so that kids could be stressed about it. School was created to help kids learn and to teach them skills about life. Although, stress can happen anywhere and anytime during school. Thirty-one percent of students report their stress level increases every year. There are people in place to help. Students should know that teachers and school staff are there to encourage them. The school counsellor is an excellent resource for help if students are feeling stressed. Parents are also available to help students with their stress by sitting down with them and having a chat about school.

We hope for everyone who reads our article they will take these tips into consideration within their own life. We hope this article will help students lessen the amount of stress in their life.

Benjamin Cederberg & Owen Swann