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A Second Chance For Breakfast

This semester (Fall 2018) the Caldwell Career Center Middle College began a second chance for breakfast. Students can stop by the main lobby of the J-Building for a grab and go style breakfast after first period. Students can purchase a breakfast using their lunch account with their lunch number. No money will be handled for the second chance breakfast. Students who take advantage of free or reduced lunch will only be able to use their account for one breakfast, either in the cafeteria or after first period. Students were sent a brief survey before second chance breakfast began to gather their thoughts on the idea.

The second chance breakfast gives students an opportunity for breakfast that otherwise they may miss. Many students have very busy schedules, ride a bus that arrives just in time for school to begin, or are hindered by the distance to the cafeteria. The second chance breakfast provides students a fast and easy chance to grab a PopTart, muffin, biscuit, juice or milk. 

Second chance breakfast seems to be the perfect solution for many students. There has been a good turn-out for the breakfast and the students are giving positive feedback. One student says, “It's very good, I actually prefer it because when I get on the bus I'm not able to eat breakfast.” The Caldwell Career Center Middle College students are encouraged to eat breakfast everyday either at home, at the cafeteria, or at second chance breakfast, some say that it is the most important meal of the day.


Garrett Lawrence and Max McMahan