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Tips For Doing Well On Exams

Exam time can be a very stressful time for students. Exams are inevitable, so the best thing students can do for a good grade is to be prepared. Below are a few tips and tricks for students on how to get prepared for exams.

●      Take time to study before the exam
Taking good notes during class will provide something useful to study later.

●      Get some sleep
It may not seem like sleep would help exam scores, however, scientists report at least eight hours of sleep before a big exam improves test scores by 10 percent on average.

●      Eat a healthy breakfast
Eating “brain food” for breakfast can do wonders for focus and memory. Peanut butter, fresh fruit, and eggs are among some foods that can help exam performance exponentially, without any unnatural sugars.

●      Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine
Although college students rely on coffee to stay alive, drinking a Monster drink or any other caffeinated drink before an exam is not the best thing to do. These drinks pump the body full of artificial sugars which can decrease a person's ability to focus.

●      Come back to questions later
Read the exam questions carefully. If the answer to the question is uncertain at the time, skip the question and go back to it later.

●      Use the process of elimination
Try to eliminate the obvious wrong answers. This will help find the correct answer.

●      Go back over your answers
Students are most prone to mistakes at the beginning of an exam, when they are nervous or not yet focused. Going back over the answers can help avoid a big mistakes.

●      Don’t sweat it!
If the exam does not go well, thinking negatively can make the next exam seem even more difficult. Exams are evaluations that help identify what needs to be worked on. By using those results, one can get better. Being able to bounce back from a bad exam grade and doing better next time is more impressive in the long run!

Exams are here to say, for now, so it is important to be prepared for them. It may be difficult, but taking exams is a skill and anyone can learn how to improve their skills.

Callie Stinson & Katherine McRary